Nutrition is at the heart of natural wellbeing and playing a core role in many health evaluations and treatments. Its role will grow and grow.

We score nutrition from online surveys and add the best infographic to improve the customer experience and understanding for this blood test.

We include the key score or value by date, along with pathology lab standard reference ranges, plot starting values and targets and include the ability to set alerts and notifications.

All of this data comes together in an infographic that is designed so that it’s easy to understand.

Bioscore Database: Nutrition

Nutrition Survey
Calorie Intake
Carbohydrate Intake
Protein Intake
Fat Intake
Amino Acid Intake

Nutrition survey cont
Fatty Acids
Alpha linolenic acid

Other medications

Case Study: Maria Grazzi

-For example purposes only –
Maria completed a health check with her naturopath. During this consultation she completed some online surveys about her dietary regime.

These results are processed into infographics for evaluation and review.

Nutrition Test Results

Nutrition test scores are taken from online surveys and provided as a score out of 10.

Reports & Professional Comments

Any nutrition test scores can be added to a full client report.