Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is a core module of Bioscore.

Fitness is divided up into :

  • Functional movement
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance

Bioscore Database: Physical Fitness

30m Sprint
100m Sprint

5-10-15 Shuttle
Illinois Agility Test
Arrowhead Agility Test

Standing High/Long Jump
Med Ball Chet Toss
Standing Hop Step Jump

Dead Lifts
Push Press
Bench Press

Vo2 Max
Lactic Threshold
3015 IFT
Beep Test
Rep Sprint Interval Test
Bronco Test
Zone3 Run
12 min Run

Case Study: Galen Reynolds

-For example purposes only –
Galen is an ultra endurance athlete whom competes mainly in mountain events. As such he focuses on endurance but requires some power for trail runs.

He monitors his daily workouts with wearables and tests himself quarterly to benchmark his fitness going into races.

Physical Fitness Tests

The bioscore database houses hundreds of fitness tests broken down into the categories of movement, power, speed, agility, strength and endurance.

Coaches and PTs should choose the correct test for the particular needs of their testing regime and delivery the test in exactly the same way every time.

Scores can be shown in individual historical context or contrasted against others in a user group. All of this data comes together in infographics.

Reports & Professional Comments

Coaches can list all tests completed and make specific comments about results in addition to adding action and training plans.