health management 360

We work across 10 test types from blood, hormones, gut microbiome, brain health, physiology, physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, gut microbiome and even dna. In this way we provide a health 360 degree approach to assessing health and wellness outcomes in an infographic format.

The platform offers full client filing along with a test management system that enables health professionals to manage consultation notes, test results, test reports, documents, other files and more and present these results graphically in digital reports. This is the future of health reporting.


inspiring infographics for health and fitness

digital reports & workflow

Health professionals with appropriate permissions can read and evaluate client test results in a digital format online. They can then add consultation notes and client commentary and action plans, before saving the file and sending it to their client as a digital link or PDF.

The Bioscore system makes it much easier for health professionals to read and interpret these test results and it will take their client reporting to the next level!

use cases

Bioscore takes a health 360 approach and it can be used by any health, fitness professional. However, our first release is targeted at sports and fitness.

In this release it is designed for athletes, teams, coaches, gyms, personal trainers and other allied fitness professionals. These professionals will be using all the test management tools in the physical fitness and physiology areas of our test management system.

This use case will be quickly followed by corporate wellness. Allied health professionals offering wellness and heath checks will use our template driven heath tests for super fast compilation of health check up results. These professionals will be using test management tools in blood, brain health, physiology and more.