About Us

about us

Bioscore is a health technology organisation based in London, United Kingdom.

The Bioscore system is designed as a B2B technology platform that powers the health, fitness, sports and wellness sectors through simple and engaging digital reporting.

Our approach to infographics makes health and fitness results easy to understand and provides motivation for improved wellness.

BioScore is currently designed as a software service for health and fitness professionals, gyms, personal trainers, sports coaches, sports clubs, schools, other allied health consultants and their clients.

It was founded by Matthew Reede, an entrepreneur with over 20 years commercial experience and multiple business start ups across various industries.


Bioscore is a technology platform that takes a unique approach to test result management and client reporting. 

The BioScore platform can be configured for many different needs. Our clients are drawn from a diverse range of industries and include gyms, trainers, sports teams, coaches and other health and fitness professionals.

Our Team

Matthew Reede

Matt founded Bioscore in 2018 in London, United Kingdom.

He observed the trend to health optimisation and wellness and the opportunity to leverage a technology platform to make health and fitness reporting easier to understand and more meaningful.

Bioscore Platform

The first product release is built around the management of test results and client reporting with rich infographics.

Our vision is to extend the platform into a full team and athlete management system.