Future Directions

release 1: test management system

Bioscore is a B2B technology platform that powers the health, fitness, sports and wellness sectors.

In our first product release, the platform is designed as a test management system for health and fitness professionals and their clients..

Functionality includes:

  • Client Filing
  • Tests Management
  • Perfomance Testing
  • Test Results
  • Digital Client Reports
  • Assessments
  • Infographics
  • Permissions
  • Communications

Health and fitness professionals will be able to manage client files, consultation notes, tests and scores , evaluate results with infographics, contextualised with reference ranges, targets, colour codes and connect client histories.

They can then compile digital reports with specific test results, send reports to clients digitally and review workflows for efficient administration.

release 2: team and athlete management system

Functionality will extend into a team and athlete management system in our version 2 release.

These additions will enable us to address  various use cases including pro sports teams,, coaches, elite athletes, sports clubs, schools, universities and more.

Functionality improvements:

  • Calendars
  • Individual and team scheduling
  • Group performance testing
  • Group Infographics
  • Workout Builder
  • Load Management
  • Surveys
  • Team communications

release 3: member management system

Functionality improvements here are focussed on class and appointment scheduling, digital communications, payments and receipts.

Functionality improvements include:

  • Class scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online bookings
  • Payments & Receipts
  • Self Service Portal

possible release 4: ehr system

A more complete EHR designed for the medical industry will take more time to build and test.  We will extend into this area, only if we see the opportunity. A more complete EHR system designed for medical needs would include additional functionality.

  • Client records & consultation codes
  • Lab integrations & Insurance integrations
  • E Prescribing
  • Compliance Tracking & Data security
  • Additional permission sets
  • Payments & Receipts with insurance and other integrations
  • More