the bioscore platform

Our mission is to build an athlete and team management system that takes a 360 degree view of health designed for a broad number of use cases across the health, sports and fitness industries. Our USP will be in our meaningful infographics and rich reporting.

In our first product release we will provide health and fitness professionals with digital tools that take your test result management and digital client reporting to the next level.

You will be able to manage your client filing, consultation notes, test scores, reports, assessments, files and more all in one digital repository. Search, sort and filter your results and then compile digital reports that are visually inspiring and easy to understand before sending these on to your clients.

You can create custom tests and assessments  for individuals, teams and other groups.

Establish permissions and share results and reports with approved users. All online and accessible from any device at any time..


Flexible Test


Test Results &


health reporting with context

Health test scores are more relevant when you compare them to reference ranges, starting scores, targets, historical data, control group benchmarks and more.

They are also easier to understand in a chart format that includes colour codes with click throughs to provide  more information.

Above all, linking client histories so we can measure progress or decline is critical. Bioscore aims to address all these issues in its infographics.

health assessment templates

Almost any health assessment can be designed into a template using BioScore. Choose from hundreds of tests preloaded into our system or add your own custom designed health tests.

The system provides you with easy to use online forms to complete scores, saves all results to a database and produce infographics and user reports.

future functionality

The BioScore system is being developed into a full health athlete, team and member management system.

Functionality will include calendars and schedules, work out builders, load management, performance tests, appointments and bookings, payments and much more.

At the centre of future functionality will be user permissions enabling only approved users to view results.