Test Results

All test results can be searched on multiple criteria including client name, test name, test category, test date and more.

Test result summary can be ordered and viewed in a table format for overview evaluation of all results with infographics.

Test Detail & Client History

Users can also click through to specific test detail which will include full infographic format for that test, reference range tables sorted by gender and age and link a client history if this test has been taken more than once.

Included at this test detail level is additional reading on test and links for further information.

Health Practice Management & Future Functionality

The BioScore system is being developed into a full health practice management software suite that will include a variety of functionality including: practice management, appointments and bookings, payments and receipts, test ordering and test results workflow and much more.

At the centre of future functionality is the idea of the patient results portal which will include test results in infographic format and permissions sets to enable the patient or client to share this information with permitted users.