Test Management

Test Management

The Bioscore systems maintains thousands of tests across multiple categories such as: blood, physiology, physical fitness, gut microbiome, lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and more.

Access information about these tests, click through to external sites for more information.

Tests Design

Our system is based around test management and it is designed to enable you to establish tests of any kind in multiple categories in health and fitness.

The system includes hundreds of tests which come pre loaded with test details and often include further information such as reference ranges, guidance, instructions and more.

All of this basic information can be leverages for client information and self learning as part of your reporting.

Health Practice Management & Future Functionality

The BioScore system is being developed into a full health practice management software suite that will include a variety of functionality including: practice management, appointments and bookings, payments and receipts, test ordering and test results workflow and much more.

At the centre of future functionality is the idea of the patient results portal which will include test results in infographic format and permissions sets to enable the patient or client to share this information with permitted users.